North East USA Operations Growth Leader Posted Feb 04
Hop Compost Ltd. , New York City, NY
We're Hop, a craft compost company.

To support our rapid expansion, Hop is seeking a full-time employee to start on March 1st as the Operations Growth Leader for the North East (NE) American market.

The successful candidate will direct the launch of Hop compost facilities in two major NE American cities in 2018.

Full-time: 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

Salary: to be discussed
Stock options: to be discussed
Benefits: to be discussed

Pace: Startup culture 
Impact: Saving 4 million pounds of food waste in 2018
Management Structure
Reporting to CEO

Job Description
Hop has established compost facilities in four Canadian cities, and we are opening in new markets to service international clients. Hop’s expansion into the USA will be our primary focus, and it will start in early 2018.

The Operations Growth Leader will first be responsible for organizing and establishing Hop compost facilities within two NE US cities. This role will manage everything from real estate, to regulatory applications, and local team hiring. The success of the Operations Growth Leader will be measured by schedule and budget targets for each facility launch, and each facility meeting client and regulatory targets immediately following launch.

Job Duties
In this role, you will:
• Work with real estate professionals to scout, negotiate, and sign facility leases
• Lead permitting and licensing as required by state, county, and city regulations
• Provide strategic input on facility locations and layouts that optimize operations efficiency
• Hire local operations teams
• Develop or modify operating processes suitable for the local environment

Being a startup, there's much more to Hop’s roles than the immediate duties. We expect a successful candidate to be comfortable working in conditions of uncertainty and pace as an intrapreneur.

To meet the basic needs of this role, you must:
• Pick one: A) Have startup management experience; or B) Hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Business or STEM
• Have 5+ years of experience in logistics, manufacturing, or startups
• Have regular travel availability: any time in any city
• Be legally able to work in the USA
• Be fluent in Microsoft office: Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint
• Be fluent in English

The most qualified candidates will:
• Have work experience in project management and facility management
• Have work experience with operations in large metropolitan areas
• Have volunteer or work experience in sustainability

Hop isn’t easy, but it is very rewarding. Ready to create the future for our sustainable local food industry? Send us your application today.

To be considered, applications must include a résumé, plus a cover letter that answers the following questions:
• What experience do you have with startups?
• What do you believe are the key challenges to establish Hop’s operation in American markets? Be specific.
• Why do you want to work for Hop?

Your application must be sent via email to All applications must be received before 5:00 p.m. EST on February 15, 2018

About Hop
Hop set out to solve the chemical growth and waste of food. We collect food scraps from commercial customers, and using patented technology, we convert it into Canada’s most nutrient-rich organic compost for local growers. It all started in Calgary, where Hop built Canada’s first inner-city compost facility. Following significant demand, Hop expanded to Vancouver and Toronto, and we’ve now saved over 10 million pounds of food waste from landfill. In each city, Hop builds closed loops, so more food can be saved table-to-farm, and more food can be grown farm-to-table.
We are a certified B Corp, committed to diversity and Living Wage standards for our team.